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If you've ever started following a Twitter thread only to realize there are just way too many tweets, simply reply @threadreaderapp unroll to any tweet by the original poster. When the bot. Nous voudrions effectuer une description ici mais le site que vous consultez ne nous en laisse pas la possibilité Unroll.Me will show you a list of all of your subscription emails, so you can instantly unsubscribe from what you don't want. Get started. Combine your favorite subscriptions into one email. After you finish unsubscribing from unwanted emails, combine your favorite email subscriptions into a beautiful digest called 'The Rollup'. Get started. Live a more organized and efficient life. Use.


Easily unsubscribe in one click from email subscription While tweetstorms were a part of Twitter since the beginning, threads, which makes tweetstorms more viable, didn't show up until late-2017. Still, threading multiple tweets at once to create long-form stories, opinions, tirades, and other lengthy Twitter posts, can be hard to digest. However, you can make reading them easier with just a single message I'm @ThreadReaderApp a Twitter bot here to help you read threads more easily. To trigger me, you just have to reply to (or quote) any tweet of the thread you want to unroll and mention me with the.

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  1. ent (instead of making your own unroll request) Follow us on Twitter, so that other folks' unrolled replies appear more pro
  2. Stop those annoying emails from cluttering your inbox. Regain control of your email with one simple click
  3. If you want to follow breaking news, stay in touch with far-flung friends, or enter and win Twitter Contests, you'll need to get the hang of the most common Twitter terms. When you first get started, you might feel that you are speaking a new, strangely bird-influenced language. Don't worry, however, it won't be long before you are throwing around retweets and hashtags like a pro
  4. Unroll.Me service is not available for customers in the EU and the European Economic Area. If you have any questions about the availability of the Unroll.Me service, please reach out to us.. Find more information in our FAQ
  5. Faites le ménage dans vos emails grâce à Unroll.me et son outil en ligne. Celui-ci va scanner votre boîte de réception et identifier tous les messages inutiles et parf..
  6. How to unroll a Twitter thread. By. Mark Smith - February 25, 2020. 144. 0. Share on Facebook. Tweet on Twitter. The beauty of Twitter is that every message is constrained to 280 characters and under, but sometimes you simply can't get all your thoughts across in just a single tweet. Or perhaps you're following a live news story and you need to follow the thread to read the news as it.

un·roll (ŭn-rōl′) v. un·rolled, un·roll·ing, un·rolls v.tr. 1. To unwind and open (something rolled up). 2. To unfold and present to view; reveal. v.intr. To become unrolled. unroll (ʌnˈrəʊl) vb 1. to open out or unwind (something rolled, folded, or coiled) or (of something rolled, etc) to become opened out or unwound 2. to make or become. How to unroll a Twitter thread The beauty of Twitter is that every message is constrained to 280 characters and under, but sometimes you simply can't get all your thoughts across in just a single.

Unroll a twitter thread. Published 29/10/2018 By Aleksander Nordgarden-Rødner Last week, I showed you how you can quickly and easily create a coherent Twitter thread. Reading Twitter threads can be a bit of a hassle, though, so of course someone made a web app to hep with that. The site is called Thread Reader App. Useful though it is, it could have been a bit more intuitive to use, so here. 3,422 Followers, 1,953 Following, 98 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Unroll.Me (@unrollme Welcome to Unroll.Me's home for real-time and historical data on system performance


A thread on Twitter is a series of connected Tweets from one person. With a thread you can provide additional context, an update, or an extended point by connecting multiple Tweets together Thread Reader App is a service that allows anyone to unroll long Twitter thread and display them on an easy to read page. Our problem was that it is a pain to read Twitter threads (or Tweetstorm) on the official twitter website/app and we think that all the Tweets put one after another in a medium.com alike page could be better Unroll definition is - to unwind a roll of : open out : uncoil. How to use unroll in a sentence Le service gratuit Unroll.me, qui permet de se désabonner plus rapidement des newsletters polluant les boîtes mails, a reconnu revendre les données personnelles de ses utilisateurs. Face à la. Twitter may remove this content at anytime, convert it as a PDF, save and print for later use! Save this thread as PDF Try unrolling a thread yourself! 1) Follow Thread Reader App on Twitter. so you can easily mention us! 2) Go to a Twitter thread (series of Tweets by the same owner) and mention us with a keyword unroll @threadreaderapp unroll. You can practice here first or read more on our.

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How to Unroll a Twitter Thread for Easier Reading

Help! My AOL account isn't connecting to Unroll.me. What is the Rollup? Unroll.Me Support. But, it doesn't have to be so. With Thread Reader, a user can easily read long Twitter threads. Thread Reader converts a threaded tweet into a simple blog post where all the tweets are mentioned one-by-one, making it easy for users to read it. In this article, we are going to see, how we can use Thread Reader to easily read threaded tweets Discover and read the best of Twitter Threads about #unroll. Most recents (24) lexfundamentalis. @lexfundi. 1/12 Kleiner #Thread zur Verankerung der Wirtschaftsordnung in BRD und EU - mit den durch Twitter begrenzten Möglichkeiten. Es ist ja weitläufig bekannt, dass das GG explizit keine Wirtschaftsordnung vorschreibt, zwar vermitteln die Grundrechte bereits, 2/ dass manche. Unroll.Me, qui fonctionne à ce jour avec les comptes Gmail, Google Apps, Outlook.com, Yahoo Mail, iCloud et AOL Mail, est un service Web qui recense tous vos abonnements et vous permet en un clic de vous désinscrire de tout ce qui vous parait inutile. Quant aux newsletters ou offres promotionnelles qui vous intéressent, Unroll.Me propose de les regrouper dans un digest quotidien baptisé. Se désabonner des spammeurs : Unroll.me Anne-Laure Raffestin / Publié le 18 septembre 2012 à 14h37, mis à jour le 9 janvier 2018 à 11h1

Twitter thread unroll so you can read tweet storm on one page without distraction: ThreadReaderApp.com a.k.a. tttthreads.comtttthreads.com Posted by jpluimers on 2020/04/24 I am have been using ThreadReaderApp.com - and more so since G+ went belly up - but forgot to schedule a post on it, so here it is See more of Unroll.Me on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? or. Create New Account. Not Now. Unroll.Me. Website . Community See All. 59,587 people like this. 57,754 people follow this. About See All. Unroll.Me. Website. Page Transparency See More. Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. See actions taken by the people who manage and post content. 2 outils pour créer et lire un thread Twitter plus facilement Ludwig Hervé / Publié le 5 septembre 2017 à 11h32, mis à jour le 9 janvier 2018 à 09h4 Unroll The Scroll more. Create your inner garden space. We invite you to explore our collection. Calligraphy. Calligraphy is the artistic expression of human language. However, a wide range of expression can be found in these works from formal poetry to the antique equivalent of TWITTER. Calligraphy is commonly used in conjunction with ink and color paintings which are fixed on scrolls or fans.

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« À dérouler » est un service qui vous permet de consulter les histoires / à dérouler / threads / unroll facilement. Il vous suffit de saisir le premier tweet, d'y ajouter une ou des catégories éventuellement, et le tour est joué :). Vous pouvez aussi rajouter une histoire en répondant simplement à n'importe quel tweet du thread en mentionnant @aderouler + le mot clé unroll. Unroll.Me unsubscribes you by following a sender's unsubscribe instructions 24 hours after you've unsubscribed. As a backup, we automatically trash all future emails you'll receive from that sender. This is to ensure that if the unsubscribe request fails for some reason, you'll still never receive an email from that sender

Unroll.me directs certain reputable senders like eBay, Twitter and PayPal to their subscription management portals, but not for all email senders. Overall, I like the concept of Unroll.me; however, it does take practice to adapt to the new discipline of checking their emails often. I have to give them credit — this is a monumental challenge. How to unroll a Twitter thread; Tuesday, 25 February 2020 Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge The beauty of Twitter is that every message is constrained to 280 characters and under, but sometimes you simply can't get all your thoughts across in just a single tweet. Or perhaps you're following a live news story and you need to follow the thread to read the news as it develops so.

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  1. Stalk tweets of Thread Reader Unroll Helper @UnrollHelper on Twitter. I'm a bot that helps @threadreaderapp unroll Twitter threads. | Twstal
  2. 12. Unroll a thread. Here's a tip for those who find it difficult to read a Twitter thread, use a screen reader, or would just like to extract the text of a thread. Simply reply on a thread with @threadreaderapp unroll and a bot will respond with a link to the unrolled text. 13. Embed a Twee
  3. Reactivating on the Unroll.Me iOS and Android apps: Reactivating your Rollup on your mobile app is easy! Just follow these steps: Log in to your Unroll.Me account on your mobile app. Click on the settings icon in the top left corner (a gear icon on iOS; a hamburger icon on Android). Select Rollup Preferences
  4. For Twitter users who like reading full tweets, the Thread Reader App can be seen as a blessing. When you unroll a thread, you get to see the author's tweet in one page that the bot will present to you. All you have to do is follow this method. Go to the comment section of the author and mention the Thread Reader App and then type unroll.
  5. How to unroll a Twitter thread. Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge. The beauty of Twitter is that every message is constrained to 280 characters and under, but sometimes you simply can't get all your thoughts across in just a single tweet. Or perhaps you're following a live news story and you need to follow the thread to read the news as it develops so there's context for what.
  6. Signing up for Unroll.Me is simple! Follow these steps: Go our homepage and click on the sign up button in the upper-right corner; Type in your email address in the sign up box; Unroll.Me will ask for limited access to your email address using OAuth. Once the scanning process is complete, a list of your email subscriptions will be presented to.

Twitter; LinkedIn; Facebook; Email; Table of contents. for Statement. 05/31/2018; 2 minutes to read; In this article. Iteratively executes a series of statements, based on the evaluation of the conditional expression. [Attribute] for ( Initializer; Conditional; Iterator) { Statement Block; } Parameters . Attribute. An optional parameter that controls how the statement is compiled. When no. RV Newsletter: How to unroll Twitter threads for easier reading Posted 8 November 2019 13:54 GMT. Share this: From @ThreadReaderApp. Rising Voices note: Our biweekly newsletter provides a summary of our recent blog posts about all aspects of digital inclusion including access and adoption of digital tools, as well as different ways and opportunities for communities to fully participate online. I made this new service called Thread Reader that given a first tweet from a twitter thread will return a carefully designed web page with the full Tweetstorm unrolled. It comes with two bots - one that answer people who mention @tttthreads unroll replying to the first tweet of a threads and give them a link to the unrolled story - the second that search twitter for #threads and check if.

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With GDPR's enforcement requirements being so vast and appropriately comprehensive, we need more time to take the necessary steps to fully comply with them. Until we do so, we cannot offer Unroll.Me to EU residents, starting May 25. If you have any questions please fill out this form or contact us at gdpr@unrollme.zendesk.co But following an acquisition by shopping app Slice in 2014, Unroll.me developed a side-business: selling aggregated data about users to the very apps they were unsubscribing from

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Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and all the rest have their own sets. It's not relevant to the Unroll.me problem, but it's good practice to check every few months and see if there are apps you no longer use that you should revoke authorization to Back in 2017, Unroll.me—the third-party service that attempts to unsubscribe you from unwanted email threads and newsletters—came under fire for collecting user information, selling it to Uber.

What is the Rollup? Let's use a handy metaphor. If we equate using Unroll.Me to spring cleaning, then unsubscribing would be akin to throwing out all the junk you've accumulated over time. Feels nice, doesn't it? You now have a closet/inbox full of items you want to keep. Next step? Organization. This is arguably the most difficult step. TomiLahren: Celebs donate to bail rioters/looters out of jail but couldn't give a crap less about the innocent business owners who had their livelihoods destroyed by these lawless thugs Unroll.me will ask for limited access to your email address using OAuth for Gmail or username/password for all of the other services. After granting limited access, Unroll.me scans your inbox and compiles a list of your email subscriptions.This can take a few moments. Once the scanning process is complete, a list of your email subscriptions will be presented to you. You'll be able to edit them. Home » Blog » Social Media » 7 Mistakes That Will Make People Unfollow You on Twitter The Twitter crowd is fickle. They're going to unfollow you if you violate any of their preconceived notions of what you should (or shouldn't) be doing on the platform

Compile a thread with our Twitter bot. To make the magic happen, mention our Twitter account @threader_app with the keyword compile from a thread. Our bot replies with a link to the compiled version, in an article format. Try it for yourself! If the thread is old or has not been written in the last few days, you need to mention us from the last tweet. Here's an example with a thread from. The official website of the Federal Trade Commission, protecting America's consumers for over 100 years Rendez-vous sur le site web « Unroll Me » à l'adresse https://unroll.me/. 2. Cliquez sur « Démarrer maintenant ». Dorénavant, vous ne serez plus abonné aux alertes et aux notifications par email de Twitter. Comme autre solution, vous pouvez décocher chaque alerte email à laquelle vous ne souhaitez plus être abonné. Publicité. Conseils. En vertu de l'Acte CAN-SPAM de 2003, tous. Best Unroll.Me Alternative: Clean Email App. Email overload is a persisting issue that's been plaguing everyone from busy office workers to regular home users who use email only for casual communication. In this article, we explain why Unroll.Me, an easy-to-use bulk email unsubscriber, is not the best choice if you care about privacy, and we. chuckwoolery: We have reached the tipping point. We don't believe our Government. We don't believe big tech. We don't believe our media or much of anything else I can think of

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Unroll.Me se charge de comptabiliser le nombre de Newsletter auxquelles tu es abonné. Je vous présente ma boîte mail perso. Une fois la barre de progression atteinte. Elle t'affiche le nombre d'abonnements : 64 ! Clique sur le bouton vert « Continue » pour arriver dans ton manager. Enfin tu arrives dans ton manager. C'est à toi de gérer comme tu veux. Tes abonnements sont. Dans la catégorie désormais bien fournie des services qui permettent de nettoyer votre boîte mail (Neety, Sanebox, Mailstrom ou Unroll.me), voici qu'un pimpant petit nouveau fait son apparition.Pour tirer son épingle du jeu, Cleanfox la joue 100% écolo Rope Unroll 5,846 play times. Add this game to your profile's TOP 3 loved list. Add to favourite Just Swipe to Unroll the Rope and Unlock the Beautiful Object Have Fun. Added on 18 Dec 2019 Comments Please register or to post a comment Register Login. Your account has no avatar. To proceed with comment posting, please select temporary avatar: Confirm. Something went wrong, please.

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Flatten transformation in mapping data flow. 03/09/2020; 3 minutes to read; In this article. APPLIES TO: Azure Data Factory Azure Synapse Analytics (Preview) Use the flatten transformation to take array values inside hierarchical structures such as JSON and unroll them into individual rows Unroll.me : le service antispam critiqué pour avoir revendu les données personnelles Business : Le New York Times a publié la semaine dernière un article sur Uber. Mais au détour d'un. Unroll.me : faites le ménage dans votre boîte mail. Unroll.me est un service gratuit qui vous permet de faire de la place dans votre boîte mail. Après avoir créé un compte à partir d'une adresse Yahoo ou Gmail, il cherche toutes les newsletters qui s'y trouvent Tell gcc to specifically unroll a loop. Ask Question Asked 9 years, 7 months ago. Active 1 year, 3 months ago. Viewed 36k times 51. 13. How can I tell GCC to unroll a particular loop? I have used the CUDA SDK where loops can be unrolled manually using #pragma unroll. Is there a similar feature for gcc? I googled a bit but could not find anything. c gcc pragma unroll. share | follow | edited.

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Vous avez reconnu Twitter, qui envoie tant de mails (en moyenne 191 par utilisateur et par an) que leur stockage par un abonné Twitter est à l'origine de 1,91kg d'émissions de CO2 par an. Regardez la vidéo de Unroll Ball Walkthrough ! Cliquez maintenant pour regarder gratuitement la vidéo de Unroll Ball Walkthrough. Profitez de la meilleure sélection de vidéos concernant Unroll Ball Walkthrough Données personnelles : quand Uber utilise vos emails grâce au service Unroll.me Fabian Ropars / Publié le 24 avril 2017 à 18h24, mis à jour le 9 janvier 2018 à 11h0 A Gentle Introduction to RNN Unrolling. By Jason Brownlee on September 6, 2017 in Long Short-Term Memory Networks. Tweet Share Share. Last Updated on August 14, 2019. Recurrent neural networks are a type of neural network where the outputs from previous time steps are fed as input to the current time step. This creates a network graph or circuit diagram with cycles, which can make it difficult. How to Create a Twitter Thread. Recently Twitter introduced a new feature called Twitter Thread, its also known as Tweet-storm. A Twitter thread means that a series of connected Tweets from one person. It helps you to connect multiple..

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Twitter: How To Post A Thread Of Multiple Tweets In One Go. by Sameed Khan · December 20, 2017. Twitter started as a microblogging platform for those who wanted their voices heard beyond their tightly knit group of friends on conventional social networks the likes of Facebook. It might have taken inspiration from the latter in a bid to become more social, but to this day, its primary focus. Vérifiez unroll.me site est une arnaque ou un site Web sécurisé. unroll.me détecter si elle est une arnaque, frauduleuse ou est infectés par des malwares, le phishing, la fraude et l'activité de spam si vous ave Unroll.me . Twitter; LinkedIn; Facebook; Whatsapp; Email; Rémy Demichelis JDN Mis à jour le 24/10/16 10:16. Suggestions de contenus. Actualisation pôle emploi : deniers jours pour s'en occuper.

Twitter threads (aka tweetstorms), where someone posts a series of related Tweets one after the other, sit in a weird place: everyone claims to hate them, but lots of people post them anyway. Twitter has recently embraced the feature, integrating them into the platform and making them easier to do right. Here's how to use them Unroll.me : se désabonner de toutes les newsletters en 1 clic Fabian Ropars / Publié le 3 janvier 2014 à 15h16, mis à jour le 3 octobre 2016 à 14h0 Unroll.me : pour mettre de l'ordre dans ses newsletters 30 outils digitaux indispensables au bureau Adieu les newsletters qui arrivaient à deux heures du matin

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In The Verge guide to Twitter, we offer tips and tricks for beginners and experienced tweeters on how to navigate and best use this popular social networking tool One user posted on an image on Twitter of disclosures made by Unroll Me during the onboarding process. It clearly says We will never touch your personal stuff, a claim which seems to be an. NOTE: This article and the images are protected by copyright. PLEASE DO NOT copy and paste to your own website, blog, or newsletter. If you've ever tried to capture a family photo with everyone smiling at the same time, you know the exquisite torture of group photography. Some wise-guy pulls the rabbit-ears trick a

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Laissez-vous tenter par Unroll It : En premier lieu, quelques informations complémentaires à savoir : Play365 est le créateur de cette app. Vous trouverez la version 1.0.6 de ce logiciel. Si. Unroll.Me Review - The Best 5 Minutes for Your Email's Inbox. This Unroll.Me Review is going to show you why you should spend 5 minutes every month using this tool to clean up your email's inbox Not all the bots on Twitter are spammers or democracy hackers. You may recall seeing requests to the Thread Reader app bot to unroll a long thread into readable copy, for example, and in. Petite découverte du vendredi après-midi : Unroll.me, un service web complètement gratuit permettant de faire le tri dans vos emails en vue de vous désinscrire en un clic de toutes les newsletters qui ne vous intéressent plus et peuvent polluer votre boite mail. Après vous être inscrit sur le site directement, Unroll.me va vous demander votre permission pour scanner entièrement votre.

Twitter is a fast-paced world — your timeline might feel like it's running at a mile a minute. But your tweets don't have to be that way. It's okay to take your time and refine your tweets. Twitter View on Twitter ; Phone Number 2125544520; Unroll Me an inbox management and email unsubscription service. The app was designed to help customers take control of their inboxes by streamlining the unsubscription process and helping its users stay on top of their inbox organization. How it Works. Once a user downloaded the app, Unroll Me will show you a list of all of your subscription.

Vous avez sûrement des newsletters dans votre boite mails, que vous le voulez ou non, certaines d'entres elles sont quotidiennes, d'autres hebdomadaires, ou encore ponctuelles. Se désabonner est tellement un réel casse-tête que je vous propose un site Internet qui se nomme UnRoll.me, qui vous mâches le travail.. Ce site Internet est totalement gratuit, mais qui vous demandera de. Unroll Twitter Threads using ThreadReaderApp. Shortcut. Close • Posted by 10 minutes ago. Unroll Twitter Threads using ThreadReaderApp. routinehub.co/shortc... Shortcut. 1 comment. share. save hide report. 100% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment log in. Some of my family members work in Medicine, and they're not Twitter users. I wanted a way to unroll long COVID update & research threads on Twitter into readable pages. There were a couple options out there, like Threader and Thread Reader, but I wanted something: that doesn't require any (not to my tool, nor to Twitter) that pulls out the thread text directly into an email or Reddit. As I scrolled through Facebook, I noticed a little ad for a company called Unroll Me. They claimed it was an easy way to clean up your inbox. I was intrigued. I had often thought how cool it would be if there were a way to to unsubscribe from all my unwanted newsletters at once but just didn't think it was possible. And here was this company saying no only is it possible - we've already.

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Autoriser unroll.me à faire faire certaines actions sur votre compte (rassurez-vous, les e-mails supprimés ne le sont qu'à votre demande). Vous voyez le nombre de newsletters différentes trouvées par unroll.me. Une fois que vous avez identifié les newsletters que vous ne voulez plus recevoir, il suffit de cliquer sur le lien 'unsuscribe' qui se trouve sur la dernière colonne pour. Unroll.me doesn't exactly go out of its way to advertise that it's selling anonymized information from your inbox to third parties, but the information is there for anyone willing to dig for it. The Unroll.me privacy page specifically allows for sharing your information Unroll.me es una de estas extensiones, y además proporciona una funcionalidad muy útil: te deja ver en un único lugar todas las suscripciones de correo que tienes y, con tan sólo un click.

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